1. Wrecking America: How Trump’s Lawbreaking and Lies Betray All by Mark Green and Ralph Nader.

2. Kentucky Values vs. McConnell by Ralph Nader, Louisville Courier-Journal, October 24, 2014, (These can be values in every state).

3. For policies and messages that resonate with both liberal and conservative voters, see my book Unstoppable: The Emerging Left-Right Alliance to Dismantle the Corporate State (2014), especially pp.65-66 for many examples to which you can add.

4. Excerpts from a January 2018 memorandum, which I wrote titled “An Invitation to a Conversation” about neighborhood-by-neighborhood socializing, registering, transporting to get non-voters out to vote. You can pick and choose what seems reasonable for your campaign requirements for 2022.

5. Rep. Jamie Raskin’s Roundup of 20 “Outrageous Things the GOP House Majority Did in My First Term.” Such a list must promptly be compiled by the House Democratic Caucus, as it did in 2014, together with a comparative side-by-side list of what the Democrats Did Do.

6. Rebuttal to the on-going use of “socialists” to describe all Democrats by the GOP. This attack is ludicrous when the Democrats present the vast “Corporate Socialism” giveaways and bailouts supported by the GOP.

7. One-page Candidate News Release on Midnight Campaigning.

8. For state elective office, an excellent timely refund owed most owners of motor vehicles is described by actuary and former Texas Insurance Commissioner, Robert Hunter. Injecting a fresh issue like this into campaigns is a good idea. Hunter also explains how California reformed its auto insurance laws (Prop 103) and saved consumers $154 billion since 1988. This is a model for other states.

9. Suggestions for Successful Elections in 2020 at All Levels.