Sample News Release on the Candidate’s Midnight Campaigning (To be Adjusted to the Contours of the District or State)


On [date and time] X candidate will recognize the critical contributions of millions of midnight shift workers in our country, keeping the country going while the rest of us are asleep. Candidate will meet workers during the midnight shift change at [xxxx] hospital at 12am on [day and date]. Following this event, the candidate will make several stops at an all-night factory, a nursing home, an EMT, a police and fire station plus an all-night retail store and restaurant.

These and other workers, guarding or ready for emergency calls to homes, feel excluded from the electoral process. They are right. I will understand their needs and aspirations by meeting with them, learning about their distinct roles they play in our economy and urging them to vote. Their voice needs to be heard loud and clear.

Below is the schedule.